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12 Inch Non-Firing Single Color Boba Fett


12 inch filament style printed non-missile firinig Boba Fett. You choose the color you would like. You can choose either a matching color blaster or a classic black blaster. Write your color choice of the Boba and the blaster in the Order Notes when you order.


See full Description for print time.

12 Inch Stormtrooper


The one, the only, the badies that started it all! Just don’t expect him to take out your target. Gorgeous 3D printed 12 inch Stormtrooper figure with blaster, great for army building.

Will print it in any color. Write your color choice of the Stormy in the Order Notes when you order. See full Description for print time.

12-inch Bossk


It’s your favorite Trandoshan bounty hunter in all the galaxies. Bossk is one of the most feared bounty hunters of the galaxy, and now you can add him to your collection.

12-inch Proto Boba Fett, Darth Vader or Stormtrooper


Want to match your Target Prototype Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, or Boba Fett with a beautiful 12 inch 3D printed figure? We’ll custom print them to match the color combination you have. The missile fires on Boba Fett and the lightsabers slide out on Darth Vader. You won’t find a nicer 12-inch prototype figure out there.


See full Description for print time.

12-Inch Taiwan Rocket Firing Boba Fett


You know him, you love him, you’ve searched your whole life for him. He’s here. The 12-inch Tawain Fett of your dreams.

Each Boba is hand sanded and hand painted to ensure an individual and perfect Boba Fett. See full description for print time.

14 inch IG-88


One of my favorite bounty hunters, and yours, in all his glory! This beautiful IG-88 assassin droid comes with both a blaster and a pulse cannon.


See full Description for print time.

Emerald Green 12-Inch Resin 3D Printed Boba Fett


This is a 12-inch 3D printed Emerald Green transparent missile firing Boba Fett. Wow. That’s a mouthful. He comes with both a black and emerald green pew pew and also a red and emerald green missile. The missiles do indeed fire.